In recent years, sustainable travel has emerged as a significant trend in the tourism industry. With growing concerns about climate change and environmental degradation, travelers are seeking destinations that prioritize responsible and eco-conscious practices. Sustainable travel goes beyond minimizing environmental impact; it also encompasses supporting local communities and preserving cultural heritage.

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, sustainable travel has gained immense popularity among globetrotters. Travelers are seeking destinations that prioritize eco-friendly practices and offer unique experiences while minimizing their impact on the environment. In this article, we will explore the top sustainable travel destinations of 2023, where you can wander green and far, immersing yourself in breathtaking landscapes while preserving the planet.

Costa Rica: A Paradise of Biodiversity

Costa Rica, often referred to as the “green jewel of Central America,” is renowned for its rich biodiversity and commitment to conservation. With numerous national parks and protected areas, this small country offers abundant opportunities for eco-tourism. Visitors can explore lush rainforests, encounter exotic wildlife, and even contribute to conservation efforts through volunteer programs.

Iceland: Where Fire and Ice Converge

Iceland, a land of dramatic landscapes and geological wonders, has made remarkable strides in sustainable tourism. The country harnesses its abundant renewable energy sources, such as geothermal and hydroelectric power, to minimize its carbon footprint. Travelers can witness cascading waterfalls, geysers, and awe-inspiring glaciers while enjoying eco-friendly accommodations and activities.

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Bhutan: The Land of Gross National Happiness

Bhutan, a Himalayan kingdom nestled between India and China, measures its success not by GDP but by Gross National Happiness (GNH). This unique approach to development prioritizes the well-being of its people and the environment. Bhutan offers breathtaking landscapes, serene monasteries, and a chance to immerse oneself in the country’s vibrant Buddhist culture.

Slovenia: A Hidden Gem of Europe

Slovenia, often overlooked by travelers, is a hidden gem in the heart of Europe. This small country boasts stunning alpine scenery, crystal-clear lakes, and well-preserved medieval towns. Sustainability is deeply ingrained in Slovenian culture, with a strong focus on organic farming, renewable energy, and eco-friendly tourism initiatives.

New Zealand: Nature’s Playground

New Zealand’s diverse landscapes, from majestic mountains to pristine beaches, make it a paradise for nature enthusiasts. The country has implemented various sustainable practices, such as wildlife conservation programs and eco-certified accommodations. Travelers can indulge in thrilling outdoor activities while appreciating New Zealand’s commitment to protecting its natural heritage.

Canada: Embrace the Great Outdoors

Canada, with its vast wilderness and stunning national parks, offers endless opportunities for sustainable adventures. From the rugged Rocky Mountains to the coastal beauty of British Columbia, this country prides itself on environmental stewardship. Travelers can experience wildlife encounters, embark on eco-friendly hiking trails, and witness the awe-inspiring northern lights.

Thailand: Preserving Rich Cultural Heritage

Thailand is renowned for its vibrant culture, ancient temples, and exquisite cuisine. The country has embraced sustainable tourism by promoting community-based initiatives and preserving cultural heritage sites. Travelers can engage in ethical elephant encounters, support local artisans, and participate in eco-conscious activities that promote cultural appreciation and sustainability.

Australia: Protecting Extraordinary Wildlife

Australia’s diverse ecosystems house some of the world’s most unique and fascinating wildlife. The country has implemented strict conservation measures to protect its extraordinary biodiversity. Travelers can explore the Great Barrier Reef, hike through ancient rainforests, and contribute to wildlife conservation projects, making a positive impact on the environment.

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Denmark: Pioneering Sustainability Efforts

Denmark, consistently ranking among the world’s happiest countries, is at the forefront of sustainability efforts. With its efficient public transportation systems, bike-friendly cities, and commitment to renewable energy, Denmark sets a remarkable example for sustainable urban living. Travelers can experience the Danish concept of “hygge,” embracing coziness and well-being while minimizing their carbon footprint.

The Maldives: Preserving Pristine Beaches

The Maldives, a tropical paradise of pristine beaches and turquoise waters, faces the threat of rising sea levels due to climate change. Despite this challenge, the country has embraced sustainable tourism practices to protect its fragile ecosystem. Travelers can stay in eco-friendly resorts, engage in marine conservation activities, and witness the vibrant underwater world through responsible diving and snorkeling.

Norway: Fjords and Northern Lights

Norway’s breathtaking fjords and ethereal northern lights make it an ideal destination for sustainable travelers seeking natural wonders. The country prioritizes eco-friendly transportation, such as electric ferries, and encourages sustainable outdoor activities. Travelers can embark on unforgettable fjord cruises, hike through pristine wilderness, and witness the mesmerizing spectacle of the northern lights.

Peru: Discover the Wonders of Machu Picchu

Peru, home to the ancient Inca civilization, offers a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. While the popularity of Machu Picchu poses challenges, Peru has implemented measures to protect this iconic archaeological site. Travelers can explore the breathtaking Andes Mountains, visit vibrant indigenous communities, and immerse themselves in the country’s rich heritage.

Japan: Tradition Meets Sustainability

Japan seamlessly combines its centuries-old traditions with cutting-edge sustainability practices. From futuristic cities to serene countryside, the country offers diverse experiences while prioritizing environmental preservation. Travelers can enjoy eco-friendly accommodations, savor traditional cuisine, and witness the timeless beauty of Japanese gardens and temples.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Wander Green, Wander Far: The Top Sustainable Travel Destinations of 2023

How can I ensure my travel is sustainable?

To ensure sustainable travel, choose destinations that prioritize environmental conservation, support local communities, and minimize your carbon footprint. Opt for eco-friendly accommodations, use public transportation or walk whenever possible, and engage in activities that promote cultural preservation and environmental stewardship.

Are sustainable travel destinations more expensive?

While sustainable travel destinations may have eco-certified accommodations and activities that adhere to responsible practices, the overall cost can vary. It’s important to research and plan ahead, considering options that align with your budget and sustainability goals.

How can I support local communities while traveling sustainably?

Supporting local communities is crucial for sustainable travel. Eat at local restaurants, shop at local markets, and engage in community-based tourism initiatives. By interacting with locals and learning about their traditions, you contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage and support the local economy.

Can sustainable travel destinations still be luxurious?

Yes, sustainable travel destinations can offer luxurious experiences. Many eco-resorts and accommodations provide high-end amenities while adhering to sustainable practices. From eco-villas to luxury safari lodges, you can enjoy a luxurious stay without compromising your commitment to sustainability.

How can I offset my carbon footprint while traveling?

To offset your carbon footprint, consider supporting verified carbon offset projects. These projects invest in renewable energy, reforestation, or energy-efficient initiatives. Additionally, you can minimize your environmental impact by packing light, choosing direct flights, and opting for eco-friendly transportation options during your travels.


In 2023, sustainable travel continues to be a significant trend, offering travelers the opportunity to explore the world responsibly. The top sustainable travel destinations mentioned in this article showcase the remarkable efforts countries are making to protect the environment, preserve cultural heritage, and provide unique experiences for visitors. By choosing these destinations, you can contribute to a more sustainable future while creating unforgettable memories.